Specially designed for powerboats to give exceptional stability in all conditions. The cone-shaped NO SPIN card is virtually unaffected by boat speed or engine vibration. It has a main steering scale on the horizontal part of the compass card and direct reading on the vertical edge of the card. Ideal for cockpits where steering is done both sitting and standing.

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SILVA 70P compass

70P with apparent scale size of 70mm. The compact size makes it very easy to install, and popular f..

89.99€ Ex Tax: 74.37€

SILVA 100P compass

The 100P is a bulkhead mounted front reading compass. The 100P is also suitable for mast mounting b..

149.99€ Ex Tax: 123.96€

SILVA 100BC compass

100BC is a front reading compass with a solid bracket that permits various mounting alternatives, ev..

204.99€ Ex Tax: 169.41€


100FBC may be mounted at any angle from vertical to horizontal. Perfect for dashboard mounting. Adju..

349.99€ Ex Tax: 289.25€

SILVA 100NBC compass

100NBC with a solid bracket permits various mounting alternatives, even on the headlining. Adjustabl..

349.99€ Ex Tax: 289.25€