The Elite racing models have been developed by the world’s top racers and Olympic sailors. The tactical scales and quick readability give a critical advantage. The cone-shaped card with gimbaled lubber lines has a main steering scale on the horizontal part of the compass card and a tactical scale on the vertical edge of the card.

Detecting wind shifts may be the tiny difference between winning and losing. Silva’s tactical scale grades from 0-20 and the figures correspond on port and starboard tack. If the reading on starboard tack is 2 the reading on port after tacking should also be 2. In this way you should  only have to remember one figure. This is a great benefit in triangular course sailing where racers need to watch the wind shifts, rather than their actual course.

The double scale, divided into a green starboard and a red port scale, allows sailors to read the actual course on port and starboard tack from the helmsman’s normal position at the rail. You no longer have to add 45° to your reading. The green and red memory arrow tell you to tack if the figures decreases on starboard tack and to tack if the figures if the figures on port. The top scale allows yo to read the course on downwind or to check the start line position.

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SILVA 85 compass

85 is a very stable compass for small and fast dinghies. Deck mounted with flat under part. No need ..

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SILVA 103RE compass

103RE is designed for the Laser and other dinghies. Art No: 36303-0801, 103RE (MN) Art No: 36303-08..

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SILVA 103PE compass

103PE designed for bulkhead mount. Optional mast bracket. Art No: 36305-0801, 103PE (MN) Art No: 3..

199.99€ Ex Tax: 165.28€

SILVA 73R compass

73R is the perfect combination compass. It can be installed in any inclination or position with a br..

119.99€ Ex Tax: 99.17€