A well organized routing of sheets, halyards and various control lines will make the sailing easier, in particular for new members of the crew.

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SELDEN stainless steel winch R30 - 470-530-10

The ingenious feature with the new Seldén winches is that you can let the line out by reversing the ..

1,619.99€ Ex Tax: 1,338.83€

SELDEN camcleat 27 mm - 433-101-01

Seldén cam cleats are made of carbon fibre reinforced polyetherimide. This material is selected for ..

26.99€ Ex Tax: 22.31€

SELDEN deck organizer 2 x 40 mm ø - 420-001-02

Seldén deck organizers keep the deck tidy and lead the ropes back to the cockpit. The acetal sheaves..

53.99€ Ex Tax: 44.62€