ELDES ESIM252 - GSM auto dialler and remote relay
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Brand: ELDES
Product Code: ESIM252

ESIM252 allows to expand existing security panels and systems with GSM capabilities. Adds SMS and auto dial alerts, allows remote control. If PGM or Bell is activated, a warning call is dialed and an SMS message is sent to the preset phone numbers. ESIM252 allows prerecord 10 different  voice messages up to 15 sec. length each for different user and situation. It is possible to remotely control electric equipment by a call too.

Electrical device control

ESIM252 allows electrical device monitoring and control. It can report about device fault, reboot the system. Allows to control remote device by a phone call or SMS. Security, servers or simply lighting, heating, garden watering system, irrigation system for greenhouses, roof gardens and a garage door control via a mobile phone are just a few examples of options.

Easy configuration

ESIM252 supports configuration through USB and SMS. There is an Eldes configuration tool for quick and easy setup. Possibility to add users and change settings later with simple short messages too. Comfortably access event logs through the Internet.

Supports non GSM control panels

ESIM252 can add GSM and GPRS functionality to almost any security control panel. Expand system's capabilities with SMS alerts, automatic phone calls and Internet event logs.

ESIM252 GSM has 5 inputs and 2 relay output.

Fire and flood prevention

ESIM252 can expand smoke detection and similar systems with GSM capabilities. Report about fire, flood danger or electrical device failure via simple call or SMS. ESIM252 helps you to react fast and prevent your property from further damage.

Business flexibility

Up to 5 users can use one ESIM252 GSM system. It is possible to prerecord up to 10 auto dial messages. Configure ESIM252 so that different users would get alerts only important to them or about devices they are responsible for. Choose between auto call or SMS, maybe some will prefer to receive both + status alerts about auto reboots and device faults. For example: get informed when food vending machine is full of coins by getting an SMS, this will help to avoid unnecessary checking, or monitor ventilation system in your shopping center with accuracy. The system reports about electronic devices failures too. For example: Traffic management company will be informed if unexpected failure happens.

Features & Specifications

  • GMS modem frequency                                                 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Power supply voltage                                                     10-24V AC/DC
  • Inputs                                                                              5
  • Relay output                                                                    2
  • Output type                                                                     NO (relay)
  • C1 output maximum commutating values                  1A/24V DC; 0,5A/125V AC
  • Event buffer                                                                    1000
  • Microphone connector                                                   Yes
  • Authorized users                                                            5
  • Ways of configuration                                                    SMS, USB, Internet
  • Operating temperature                                                 -20...+55°C (-30...+55°C with limitations)
  • Dimensions                                                                      82x63x20mm

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