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PICO Plus battery monitor can monitor up to 6 battery banks, 14 tanks and 20 independent current sensors.

Thanks to our unique Real Time Battery Health™ algorithm we offer precise battery health measurements.

PICO Plus is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and communicates with Android and iOS smartphones. All the data on PICO are accessible on a smartphone. You can also restore the settings stored on your smartphone and perform a firmware upgrade of PICO.

The casing of the main is CNC-milled from a single piece of high quality 6000 series anodized aluminium (corrosion-proof).

The display is covered with thick Gorilla Glass with Anti-Reflective coating. To improve the overall image quality and to prevent the condensation, the cover glass is optically bonded with high contrast 3.5'' inch IPS LCD screen with wide viewing angles and good sun legibility, also with polarized sunglasses.

The casing is water- and dustproof, compliant with the standard IP67.

General specifications:

  • Display: LCD TFT 3,5'' High resolution IPS, Gorilla Glass, anti-reflective coating
  • Human interface: 4 Touch buttons, water resistant
  • Enclosure: CNC-milled anodized aluminum, water- and dustproof
  • Dimensions: HxWxD 98 x 84 x 11 mm 

Technical specifications:

  • Operating voltage                                             6 - 35 V

Power consumption at 12V                            

  • Operating, wi-fi on, 100% illumination          90 mA
  • Operating, wi-fi off, 70% illumination            35 mA
  • Stand by, wi-fi off, 0% illumination                18 mA
  • Power off, logger still active                             5 mA

Number of connections                                   

  • Battery banks                                                    6
  • Current sensor channels                                 20
  • Temperature sensors:                                      10
  • Tank level sensors:                                           14

Package includes:

  • 1x PICO display unit
  • 1x SC500 shunt
  • 1x ST107 tank and voltage module
  • 1x SCQ25 quadro shunt module

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