ELDES ESIM364 - control Panel with GSM/GPRS communicator and radio module
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Brand: ELDES
Product Code: ESIM364

Premises security, electric devices automation and control. EN 50131-1 Grade 3 Class II certified. Optimized for a premium home security and business installations. Up to 76 zones monitoring and 76 devices control through GSM or PSTN landline, integrated wireless. Standard dual SIM card support included. The system supports 4 partitions. This panel is created to meet the needs of end users and professional installers.

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Areas of use

ESIM364 is a premium security and smart home system in one. It can monitor doors, windows, motion and sound, report about a security breach. ESIM364 allows to control home temperature and various electrical devices with a mobile phone and/or remote control. It can alert about electrical, water system failure, fire and other dangers.

Easy to use

There is a mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones - an easy way to monitor and control ESIM364 with a simple click. It’s possible to get alerts via SMS messages too. "Eldes Smart Security Server" will take care of everything else, you can even trust it to take control decisions automatically customized by you. There are keyboard and remote control available for simplest solution admirers.

Easy to setup

Insert a SIM card, connect the power supply and start Eldes configuration wizard. Just a few clicks and your system is ready for use. Experienced users will find a wide variety of configuration options and will be able to fine tune ESIM364 to the smallest details with Eldes configuration tool. 4 ways of configuration: SMS, Keypad, USB or Internet, choose the most convenient for you.

Multi partition, multi network

It's possible to split your alarm system in up to 4 partitions. Arm/Disarm 4 areas separately while using only one phone line or GSM connection. And for those seeking for the ultimate security, there is an option to connect same system to two different GSM networks and a PSTN landline. In case of one network failure, there are 1 or up to 5 connection backups.

Business applications

ESIM364 adapts in business sector too. Starting from vending machine security and sales counting, to controlling remote devices (temperature, fuel level, failure alert...). ESIM364 can be customized to fulfil specific needs, for instance, counting and reporting data of: sales, customer count, free space at the parking lot are just a few examples.

Additionally this control panel allows to connect up to 8 temperature sensors. That makes ESIM364 a great choice for cooling or heating facilities monitoring. It can report temperature measurements directly to Eldes app or send warning by SMS/Call, report directly to monitoring station.

Monitoring station support

Eldes systems are used by monitoring stations. Can be connected through GSM/GPRS networks or PSTN landline. Supports Contact ID and offers all additional software and support for monitoring stations.


Features & Specifications

  • Partitions: 4
  • Inputs: 6 (12 ATZ mode)
  • PGM outputs: 4. *Possibility to increase to 76
  • Wireless: 868 MHz integrated
  • Expandable wireless devices (motion sensors, key fobs, smoke detectors, etc.): 32
  • Keypads: up to 4 wireless and/or 4 wired
  • Keypad zone support: Yes
  • On-board programmable outputs: 4x500mA
  • Expandable programmable outputs: up to 76
  • Event Buffer: 500
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS module: 900/850/1800/1900 MHz
  • Ways of event communication: Ademco Contact ID, SMS, Voice calls, GPRS, PSTN optional
  • Authorized users: 10
  • Digital temperature sensors: DS18S20, DS18B20
  • Temperature sensors: up to 8
  • Voice messagesYes
  • MicrophoneYes
  • Audio outputYes
  • Ways of configurationSMS, USB, Internet, keypad
  • Dimensions140x100x18mm

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