Nexus Marine was the former marine arm of the Silva Group that specialised in developement and design of the marine products for Silva. In 2006 Silva became part of Gerber and Nexus Marine became an independent stand alone company that carried with it the exclusive worldwide responsibility for the marketing and sales of the entire Silva marine compass range.

Using the technology developed over the last 75 years, the marine compass range offers uncompromised quality supported by a 5 year world wide warranty and a complete range with an model suitable for any boat.

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SILVA 70P compass

70P with apparent scale size of 70mm. The compact size makes it very easy to install, and popular f..

89.99€ Ex Tax: 74.37€

SILVA 100P compass

The 100P is a bulkhead mounted front reading compass. The 100P is also suitable for mast mounting b..

149.99€ Ex Tax: 123.96€

SILVA 102B/H Challenger compass

High stability compass for bulkhead mount. Big digits -easy to read at distance Wheelmark / Life..

174.99€ Ex Tax: 144.62€

SILVA 100BH compass

100B/H is equipped with a heeling angle scale and illumination. The capsule protrudes only 18mm int..

179.99€ Ex Tax: 148.75€

SILVA 125B/H compass

125B/H is equipped with a heeling angle scale and illumination. The capsule protrudes only 32mm int..

289.99€ Ex Tax: 239.66€

SILVA 85 compass

85 is a very stable compass for small and fast dinghies. Deck mounted with flat under part. No need ..

69.99€ Ex Tax: 57.84€

SILVA 103RE compass

103RE is designed for the Laser and other dinghies. Art No: 36303-0801, 103RE (MN) Art No: 36303-08..

199.99€ Ex Tax: 165.28€

SILVA 103PE compass

103PE designed for bulkhead mount. Optional mast bracket. Art No: 36305-0801, 103PE (MN) Art No: 3..

199.99€ Ex Tax: 165.28€

SILVA 73R compass

73R is the perfect combination compass. It can be installed in any inclination or position with a br..

119.99€ Ex Tax: 99.17€

SILVA 100BC compass

100BC is a front reading compass with a solid bracket that permits various mounting alternatives, ev..

204.99€ Ex Tax: 169.41€


100FBC may be mounted at any angle from vertical to horizontal. Perfect for dashboard mounting. Adju..

349.99€ Ex Tax: 289.25€

SILVA 100NBC compass

100NBC with a solid bracket permits various mounting alternatives, even on the headlining. Adjustabl..

349.99€ Ex Tax: 289.25€

SILVA 125FTC compass

125FTC is a flush mounted compass with an apparent scale size 125mm and a grimballed cradle. This mo..

399.99€ Ex Tax: 330.57€

SILVA 125T compass

125T is a pedestal compass with an apparent scale size of 125mm and a grimballed cradle.The standard..

354.99€ Ex Tax: 293.38€