Visible light marine cameras offer an affordable marine CCTV solution. They perform well across a variety of lighting conditions and manage motion well. Simply plug and play with any compatible Raymarine multifunction display (analogue cameras require a BNC composite video input connector) to create your onboard video observation system.

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Raymarine CAM50 - analogue marine interior video camera

The Raymarine CAM50 marine CCTV camera is perfect for interior installations. It's unobtrusive dome ..

272.25€ Ex Tax: 225.00€

Raymarine CAM100 - day and night composite video marine camera

Improve docking safety by monitoring blind spots or keep track of the engine room and crew from the ..

840.95€ Ex Tax: 695.00€

Raymarine CAM200IP marine camera

Raymarine’s CAM200IP is a ruggedized, high-definition, day and night network video camera that insta..

840.95€ Ex Tax: 695.00€