If the surface gelcoat, topcoat or varnish loses its shine, or has minor scratches caused by usage, we can easily and quickly to deal with these problems by using the polishing products.

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Sea-Line Polishing system Brayt S1 Marine 0.5 kg

Brayt S1 Marine is a very effective polishing paste. Does not contain silicone. Recommended for poli..

16.00€ Ex Tax: 13.22€

Sea-Line Polishing system Brayt S2 Marine 0.5kg

S2 Brayt polishing compound is universal for all types of finishing coatings. Eliminates defects aft..

16.00€ Ex Tax: 13.22€

Sea-Line Polishing system Brayt S3 Marine

Brayt S3 spray is a liquid for all types of paints and varnishes – including HS, 2C, nitro, syntheti..

16.00€ Ex Tax: 13.22€

Sea-Line protect wax S4

S4 PROTECT WAX Perfect gloss with lasting effect and protective cover. Reduces the adhesion of dirt...

10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.26€

Sea-Line Polishing system Brayt SO Marine Professional 1kg

S0 Brayt is a polishing paste is designed for professionals – manufacturers, shipyards and products ..

18.00€ Ex Tax: 14.88€