UniMount - car smartphone holder with nano technology - Dension
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Brand: Dension
Product Code: IPG3CR0

Dension Unimount is the easiest way possible to mount any lightweight device like your iPod, iPhone or your phone in the car for maximum convenience.

Dension Unimount is an ideal complementary solution for the Bluetooth capable products as well as for those users who just simply want a car mount for their mobile devices.

There’s no screws, no adhesive and no magnets involved. The two strips on the cradle use Nano technology to create a clean vacuum, which any smooth, dry surface will stick to.

Why Nano vacuum?

  • No Glue
  • No Magnets
  • No Screws
  • No Fuss

... only vacuum that provides a renewable adhesion. You only need to clean the surface with pure water and let it dry to get back the original performance of the nano vacuum surface.


The cradle clips into the air vent using adjustable clips, meaning no damage to the vehicle surface. When the cradle starts to lose adhesion, simply wash it in clean water to refresh. Suitable for iPods, mobile phones, portable navigation devices and anything else that you may want to have easy access to in the car.


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