Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, these alarm system modules acts as a door lock and override module for your vehicle. 

  • Professional installation is strongly recommended for these products.
  • Additional parts and labor are usually required – see car alarm system accessories.

Car alarms are available with comprehensive safety features, as well as an assortment of time-saving and beneficial options.

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Car alarm system GN6 GNOME

GN6 is up-to-date vehicle alarm system designed for users looking for quality and appreciating ..

30.00€ Ex Tax: 24.79€

Car alarm system E50

'E50' system generates secure variable code and functions in conformity to the requirements of EU Di..

40.00€ Ex Tax: 33.06€

Car alarm system GN7C

The 'GN7C' is an advanced vehicle alarm system designed for cars with the original remote control ce..

100.00€ Ex Tax: 82.64€

Fortin EVO-ALL - universal all-in-one remote start and security interface

The EVO-ALL is the ultimate ALL-IN-ONE data immobilizer bypass, keyless entry, convenience, low powe..

230.00€ Ex Tax: 190.08€

cliMATE - digital remote auto start module for Mercedes

cliMATE containssophisticated software allowing it to communicate with the engine electronicseven th..

603.79€ Ex Tax: 499.00€

DIRECTED SmartStart Bluetooth Module DSM50BT

The new DIRECTED SmartStart Bluetooth Module (DSM50BT) connects your vehicle and smartphone with Blu..

89.99€ Ex Tax: 74.37€

Smart Keyless Entry System with Push Button Start Module AK-105B Universal

by carrying a thin-profiled access card you will have complete access and ignition control over your..

400.00€ Ex Tax: 330.58€

Smart Keyless Entry System - AK-104S Universal with Knob Switch Start

Imagine a system that will fundamentally change how you access and start your vehicle. Designed and ..

380.00€ Ex Tax: 314.05€

Smart Keyless Entry System AK-104 Universal

Designed and built based on the popular luxury vehicle’s hands-free keyless access and start functio..

200.00€ Ex Tax: 165.29€

Smart Start module AK-PSB06 with push Start/Stop button

Designed and built based on the popular luxury vehicle’s  start function. How Does It Work ? ..

200.00€ Ex Tax: 165.29€

Car immobilizer PULSAR-12

Immobilizer PULSAR-12 is a car electric circuits disabling system. Disabling unit is transmitter tha..

45.00€ Ex Tax: 37.19€

Car alarm system Challenger 3000i 24V with siren

Truck security system with originally-shaped keychain transmitters and a combined control channel fo..

90.00€ Ex Tax: 74.38€

Heavy machinery security alarm system

Easy to install and simple to operate. One button operated system simply and clearly informs dr..

150.00€ Ex Tax: 123.97€